1998-04-02 Core Group Meeting Notes

Minutes of ThetNet Technology Team (Core Group) meeting 4/2/98



David Kelman - 785-4128

Bob Crossett - 785-2618

Bill Weyrick - 333-9430


ThetNet organizational structure will consist of a "core group"

-David Kelman, Bob Crossett, Bill Weyrick, Peter Blodgett)

and a "steering committee"

-Martha Rich, Kit Gage, Lynn Gage, Jane Labun, David Kelman, Bob Crossett, Bill

Weyrick, Peter Blodgett, and Marc Chabot

-All meetings will be open to the public with invitations for the initial

meeting made to Bob Leach, Chuck Papirmeister, Bill Keegan, Bob Brown, Susan

Brown, Jim Masland, Polly Cole, Bonnie Irwin, Royce Robertson, Miranda

Clemson, David Phillips and Liora Alshuler.


The Core Group will meet the last Tuesday of each month at 6:30 in the TA



The Steering Committee will meet quarterly on the second Wednesday of April,

July, October and January at 2pm in the TA Library.


A thet.net World Wide Web site has been created by Bill and was distributed for

review to David and Bob. A recommendation was presented to streamline approval

process & facilitate quick updating/posting. The proposal includes a broadly

distributed veto power as a measure to control content. "Any vetoed item would

be removed quickly."

* Action - Bill and Dave will meet to fine tune the site. Bill will post to the



Initial Adults On Keys semester has been successfully completed.

* Action - David will complete evaluation work & submit with bill.

Bob will devise a similar evaluation for his workshop.


Agenda items were added to future meetings pertaining to coordinating joint

offerings with existing community-based, adult education initiatives (see

future agenda items).


Vendors will be invited to present proposals for internet and connection

services at the next Steering Committee meeting. An RFP (request for proposal)

will be submitted to them.

* Action - Bill will create a quick RFP & run by David and Bob

* Action - Bill will contact identified vendors, submit rfp and invite them to

the 4/9 steering committee meeting

Next Steering Committee Meeting

Date/Time: 4/9/98 - 2:00 (sharp) - 3:30 PM in Thetford Academy.


10 min. - Presentation of: who we are, what we have, what we want

60 min. - Each vendor will be allotted 10 minutes to present their response to

the proposal and five minutes for questions.

Remainder of time - discretion of moderator

Next Core Committee Meeting

Date/Time: 4/28 6:30 PM

Place: TA Library

Preliminary Agenda:

- www permissions/authorization & authentication

- Summer computer course offerings

- Library Federation Home Page

- Extend Ethernet-grade Internet connections to TA lab, more classrooms, most

offices, Latham Library and both school libraries.

- Student E-mail services

Action Items:

Future agenda items not yet assigned to a specific meeting:

- Review a grant/scholarship program and discuss motivation to keep attendance

up at community workshops (fee system & return registration)

- Review "open lab" viability and costs

ThetNet Request for Internet Connectivity Proposal


Please propose a solution to any or all of the following needs.


ThetNet Description:

ThetNet is a partnership for educational technology in the Thetford learning

community. It represents both a physical "infrastructure"--hardware, software,

and linking electronic networks--and a commitment to collaboration among the

town's educational institutions--its schools and libraries. It is composed of

the two Thetford Schools--Thetford Elementary School (grades K-6) and Thetford

Academy (grades 7-12) and the Thetford Library Federation, which includes both

school libraries, the Historical Society, and two public library

branches--Latham and Peabody. We currently have five buildings with category

three premise wiring, connected by underground fiber optic cable providing

ethernet to about 20 devices and AppleTalk to around 130 Macs and 8 laser

printers. We currently have three servers being shared by the component

organizations ( Library Pro for catalog and circulation tracking, AppleShare

for file sharing and a 200 user FirstClass e-mail system).


Current Needs:

* Bandwidth and connectivity for up to 25 network users to connect to the

Internet for simultaneous WWW browsing immediately (upgrading to a maximum of

100 simultaneous users by September, 1999).

* 650 student/staff Internet e-mail accounts

* Support for interactive community news groups

* http hosting for www.thet.net

* internet filtering


Request for Proposal


Please submit written proposals for any or all of the following services on 4/9

at 2:00 pm in the Thetford Academy. Provide price schedules for all items with

variables. You will be given 10 minutes to overview your proposal for the

ThetNet Team.

* May 98 to sometime between September 98 and 99 - Connectivity to internet

service provider at true 56 kbs speeds.

* September 98 or 99- ? Connectivity to internet service provider at true

128/384 kbs speeds.

* Upgrade path to greater bandwidth as need.

* Customer premise equipment for protocol conversion and routing

(CSU/DSU/Routers and Bridges).

* Necessary TCP/IP address ranges.

* e-mail account hosting

* Newsgroup Hosting

* http Hosting

* Methods to restrict student browsing to appropriate site

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