1998-04-28 Core Group Meeting Notes

Minutes of ThetNet Technology Team (Core Group) meeting 4/28/98

Core Committee Meeting


1) www permissions/authorization & policy

Bill reviewed the thet.net structure and recommended that permissions be granted at the directory level. School authorized posters will have access to the school directories only. Reporters for community groups will only have permissions to post their information. Posters will be authorized by a letter of request from the organization they represent as well as the core group.

* Action - Bill will present a draft policy that reflects this authorization for aproval to the Steering Committee. The policy will also include standards for posted information.

* Action - Bill will inquire to ValleyNet to see if they are willing to administer such a structure. If not we would be more inclined to set-up a thet.net http server.

2) reporters for thet.net www posting

We need people assigned to keep www posted information current. They shold be trained in order to keep the site consistent. Bill volunteers to teach three 1.5 hour classes to provide a posting level of competence. The classes should be applicaiton based. Bill reccomends HomePage as the cross platform application. A purchase of 25 licenses is in the Technology Plan for this year.

* Action -

We are in a recruitment mode for web reporters to gather content and post on the www for various town organizations. The organizations being represented have veto authority to the poster as well as any posted content .

3) school posting

TA's as well as TES's current www sites are about to expire. They can be moved to the ValleyNet - thet.net site.

* Action - Dave and Bob should send files in floppy or as an email enclosure to Bill


The Next Core Group Meeting will be Tuesday May 26th at 6:30 in the TA Library

* Dave please reserve

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Next Steering Committee Meeting July 8, 1998 at 6:30 in the TA Library

* Dave please reserve



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