Notes: September 24, 1998 meeting of ThetNet Core team

Present: David Kelman, Bill Weyrick, Bob Crossett, David Phillips


  • Infrastructure orders were finalized to provide Ethernet services to the TES Computer Lab, TA Kiosks and Science and Arts Buildings. Dave Phillips will provide purchase lists.
  • Updated cable and workstation installation programs.
  • David Kelman will order an additional 10 IMacs for TES.

Other Business

  • ValleyNet 56K Connection is in place and operational. Bob Crossette will request the full 256 IP addresses.
  • Bill will teach a 6 week Claris HomePage class, October 20th through November on Tuesdays @ 6:30 for Thetford school staff and Adults On Keys. The curriculum should incorporate "Vt. Standards" concepts. Emphasis should be placed on www applications for the classroom with a specific product at the end. David will submit for Eisenhower funding. Bill will provide a draft notice to be sent home with students.
  • Bob Crossette will staff an "Open Lab" in the TA computer lab on Thursdays 10/22 - 11/19. David will discuss with Claire. An evaluation will follow.
  • WWW filtering software was discussed. Affordable solutions that work have not been found. This will be escalated to the Steering Committee.
  • David will update community survey and bring to steering committee. Election day and student distribution will be discussed.
  • Bob will draft "Community Lab Use Protocols".

The next ThetNet Steering Committee meeting

October 14,1998, 6:30 - 8:30 at TA Library


  • Library Federation Home Page
  • ThetNet web posting policy and procedure ratification (now posted on ThetNet)
  • Discuss updating and maintenance of www pages (maintained by student vs staff, Internet vs intranet)
  • Address www filtering software issues
  • Do we want to provide dial-in access
  • Report about equipment sharing across institutions
  • Clarify 4.1.3a timeline item
  • Ratify Student Contract and AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) across institutions. Discuss how to hold staff adhere to, and accountable for, AUP.
  • Community Lab Use Protocols
  • Review ThetNet Team Structure and Members. Initial organization is in the "4/2/98 Core Group Minutes"
  • Appoint OESU and Town representatives. Representation at Town Meeting and Town Report
  • Review Community Survey and discuss distribution
  • Report on Bellingham Survey
  • Recruitment and structure of ThetNet volunteers

Submitted by: Bill Weyrick

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