Notes: December 23, 1998 meeting of ThetNet Core team

Present: David Kelman, Bill Weyrick, Bob Crossett


  • TA has acquired APPLESHARE IP 6.1 server.
  • Bill and David encouraged Bob to utilize TA title 6 funds to explore best e-mail options.
  • Confirmed fund sources include TA E-Rate and TA title 6.
  • Potential sources include; TA Dev. Office Capital Campaign and E-Rate Rebate for TE.

Other Business

  • Bill Weyrick will e-mail Ron Boehm requesting the full 256 IP addresses for ValleyNet 56K connection in order to insure internet address continuity.
  • The 6 week Claris HomePage class was successfully completed, a February reunion will review student progress.
  • Community "Open Lab" interests need to be included in the March survey. (From previous notes; Bob will draft "Community Lab Use Protocols").
  • WWW filtering software was discussed. Affordable, working solutions have not been found. Current litigation may restrict www sties and reduce our need for filtering software. We will wait for an appropriate product match before pursuing this option.
  • Community survey should be conducted at the Town meeting. some surveys went out with TA progress report.
  • Community access technologies should be monitored as "tunneling" capabilities progress.

The next ThetNet Steering Committee meeting

January 6, 1999, 7:00 - 9:00 at TA Library


  • Library Federation Home Page
  • Recruitment of ThetNet volunteers
  • Community survey should be conducted at the Town meeting
  • ThetNet web posting policy and procedure review. Discussion on how to give different interest groups and institutions autonomy as well as present a consistent "look and feel".
  • Discuss updating and maintenance of www pages (maintained by student vs staff, Internet vs intranet)(Calendar Postings)
  • Discussion of www content (pictures of students with identifiers)
  • Confirm position on www filtering software issues
  • Community access based on emerging technologies
  • Review 4.1.3a timeline
  • AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) across issues. Discuss how to hold staff adhere to, and accountable for, AUP