Notes: January 26, 1999 Meeting of ThetNet Core Team

Present: David Kelman, Bill Weyrick, Bob Crossett


  • Town Report
    • Notice was reviewed. David will submit to Adam Keller.
  • BlitzMail
    • Server was purchased and installed (HP 400MHz Celeron, 96 MB RAM, 9.6 GB HD running Red Hat Linux)
    • BlitzMail Server software was successfully installed and configured (hats off to Bob Crossett, Jon Crossett and Brett Tofel)
    • Pilot applications will include 5th/6th grade email proposition
    • Initial administration will be with Unix tools.
    • Imports from FMP student databases appear possible.
    • Full production goal would be next September
    • Client can be configured to include name "look-up" access to other regional systems including - Dartmouth, DHMC and ValleyNet
    • Bulletin server will be included in later phases
  • GovNet Dial-in access for 25 school accounts can be extended for a very modest fee. The Core Group support this expenditure.
  • Increased Internet bandwith demand is expected next year. A cost matrix should be ready for discussions. Bob will initiate process.
  • Network Address Translator (NAT) has been set-up to expand IP address availability. Gator Boxes have been configured.
  • TES Library conections need to be activated. Bob and Dave Phillips will add to their next workday.
  • Word is expected from e-rate in the next week. David will follow-up if no contact is made.
  • Library www postings should be submitted to Bill in HTML format. David and Bill will follow-up with Jane and Lynn.

The next ThetNet Steering Committee meeting

April 7th, 1999, 7:00 - 9:00 at TA Library


  • Library Federation Home Page
  • Recruitment of ThetNet volunteers
  • Community survey conducted at the Town meeting.
  • Discuss updating and maintenance of www pages
  • Review 4.1.3a timeline