Notes: March 16, 1999 Meeting of ThetNet Core Team

Present: David Kelman, Bill Weyrick, Bob Crossett


  • E-rate funding came in.
  • David and Joe McFerson have filed 470 E-rate forms for next year
    • David and Joe McFerson will work together to file 471 E-rate form
  • BlitzMail
    • Server is installed and stable
    • BlitzMail 5, 6 and 7th graders have been added to the system
    • Many academy kids are Yahoo mail users - there are concerns about getting them to adopt BlitzMail
  • A new ValleyNet contract has been negotiated.
  • Current Concepts is scheduled to polish the remaining fiber pairs and trouble shoot the problem pair.
    • Will move the white building to Gym underground connection to fiber. This will eliminate all underground copper connections and reduce lightning risk.
  • IMacs are all up on the internet
  • Summer wiring project in the elementary school include replacing cable to Joanne Kruchak's room and multiple pairs to the Primary Hall computers. The intent is to replace the Apple IIe's with color Macs.
  • A new Technology plan is due. A collection box should be established for technology needs. New Plan items should include:
    • Next step is to get curriculums to take advantage of infrastructure
    • Upgrade obsolete hardware
    • Create buffers to accommodate ThetNet Personnel turn over
    • Identify windows service strategy
  • Bill will create databsae for recent survey
  • Set Agenda for Steering Committee 4/7 meeting (below).

The next ThetNet Steering Committee meeting

April 7th, 1999, 7:00 - 9:00 at TA Library


  • State of ThetNet
  • Library Federation Home Page
  • Recruitment of ThetNet volunteers
    • Coalate Surveys
    • Clean and test computers
    • Act as reported for web site content
  • Community survey conducted at the Town meeting.
  • Discuss updating and maintenance of www pages
  • Discuss adoption of a common AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) across component organizations
  • Review community lab use costs and protocols
  • Review timeline