ThetNet Tech Team 2000 Meeting Notes

12/6/99 at Latham Library

Attendees:, Miranda.A.Clemson@VALLEY.NET (Miranda A. Clemson), William.J.Weyrick@Hitchcock.ORG,,, Polly Cole,, Peter.W.Blodgett@VALLEY.NET (Peter W. Blodgett),,,,

Next Meeting Monday January 10th at 6:30 - Latham Library Basement ** David can you sent out reminders the week before?**

Goal Candidates:

- Staffing Issue - defining requirements and position candidates

- How to provide for a larger community outside of the schools and libraries

- Setting up more ways to handle those "big" web site questions

- Devise more way to get more pertinent information from and about the community

- Create an educational curriculum to have student create content for and possibly post to the www site.

Action Items (*):

* David - Bring five copies of the Tech Plan

* Bob - Add a Blitz Account

* David - Add Marth's Library board affiliation to the Information and Certification page. (Maybe also add Bill and Chuck's work titles too).

* Martha/Bob - Recruit another TA teacher

* Kit/David - encourage Bonnie or another TES teacher

* Martha to provide date that TA board adopted the time line in principle (4.1.1)

Meeting Minutes

6:35 - 6:46 Introductions / Our purpose

it was mentioned that we do not need to do a complete re-write to the plan. An update is sufficient.

* Bob/David will send the AUP to Peter. He will review to see how it might be used by the Library. Bob will send an electronic copy to Bill.

* David - check the dates that Kids helped out on the computer instruction for 4.2.3

* Tally previous surveys to find out How many houses have internet access and what info doe the community want to get at electronically.


6:46 - 7:10 Guidelines

A. Cover Page- 2 minutes

B. Executive Summary- 4 minutes

* Define Educational software.. ? Inclusive of productivity, communication, research and curricular specific programs.

* Change to state: " Affects students positively"

* ? How do we measure this.

C. Status/Progress on Original Plan-

4 minutes

D. Future Goals- 2 minutes

E. Evaluation Details- 2 minutes

* The key challenge is to re-focus on Data collection - we need more evidence. We can create a checklist of skill - but still need Empirical Evidence.


7:10 - 9:00 Evaluate Status (2 hours)



* Mission was ratified as is. With respect to compliance with the mission - we should focus on the words "all" and "entire".


4.1.1 Administration and Management

* Generally in this topic we have done well on the Technology administration and management. however, we could improve process administration and Management.

4.1.1a TA and TES boards both adopted the time line in principle.

4.1.1b Set us tech team to negotiate costs across organizational lines.

4.1.1c Staffing has gone down. Need to work on staffing process.

4.1.1d Existing staff have been struggling to fully comply with mission. All agree we need more staff.

4.1.1e An administrative technology committee has been formed to: Insure a appropriate financial process. We have not gone through expenses retroactively. However expenses have been tracked. We should keep this item as written.



* School technology initiatives have been effectively coordinated. Libraries have been sufficiently in the loop. More work could be done int the community arena.

4.1.2b Stakeholder identification has been done well.

4.1.2e David is the OESU Rep. No change on the town rep.



* Much has been done to post and learn the technology over the pas year. Static information has been posted and works well. News and dynamic information has been lax.

4.1.3a Amend to include physical security and content security. TES and Library pages are not updated often enough. Site design is working well, we are struggling on creating a good reporter network. TA pages have been well maintained. TA has hired Wally Smith to create some of the pages. TA has a marketing goal. a new calendar initiative is underway.

4.1.3b Poor response to the Open lab last year. however, the library computer has served the community well. There was a big international communication demand over the summer from the camps that may indicate more computer next year. There is a request for one on one tutorials for resident on the Library computer.

4.1.3c Determined that we do not need to provide ISP or dial-in services for Thet.Net. This aspect should be removed from the plan.

4.1.3d We have a Common AUP between the schools. There is also adult supervision and sign-out sheet in many of the public areas. We have no plans to deploy filtering at this point in time.



* All libraries have access to Library pro for catalog and circulation. All are in the process of converting Mark Records. The implementation of the electronic library proved to be slower than predicted. However, TA has patron database, mark record and bar coded books mostly complete. Latham is one third done with the patron database and TES library is having set backs loading the records.



We went from a 56k frame relay connection to a partial t-1. Ethernet is extended to All 3 libraries, the labs and many classrooms. More Ethernet activity is required.



** see 4.1.3



We did poor on these points. Surveys had a low rate of return. however, we should be able to get email counts and addressees from the AUP and # of parents receiving e-mail notices.



*AUP was revised and is common between TES and TA. There is anecdotal evidence that student are understanding and complying.


Respectfully Submitted by Bill Weyrick