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Thetford Schools

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Resource Listing

The Neighbor to Neighbor group has created a listing of 170 resources that are available to Thetford Residents. They are categorized by: Health | Education | Entertainment | Financial | Legal | Food | Clothing | Transportation

Library Federation

Composed of the Latham Library, Peabody Library, Historical Society and School Libraries.

Thetford' s On-line Library Search

Child Safety on the Information Highway

Safe Computing Clinic by Bill Weyrick

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About thet.net

ThetNet is a partnership for educational technology in the Thetford learning community. It represents both a physical "infrastructure"--hardware, software, and linking electronic networks--and a commitment to collaboration among the town's educational institutions--its schools and libraries.

ThetNet was started by a group of Thetford volunteers dedicated to the advancement of educational, library and municipal information systems. "We advocate the sharing of computer resources and collaboration where appropriate." Recent success stories include:

  • The buried fiber optic cable connecting the Elementary School, Academy and Bicentennial building with a high speed data network.
  • A shared e-mail system to improve communications between the institutions.
  • A shared Library system.
  • A combined file sharing server.
  • A municipal World Wide Web presence.
  • The ThetNet Technology Plan.

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